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Knights of Labor

Union Pacific Railroad Strike
Haymarket Square Riot
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The Knights of Labor formed in 1869 by a man by the name of, Uriah Stephens. This organization was strictly secret, surrounded by ritual, it grow slowly. By 1878, Knights of Labor had ten thousand members. (1) 

The Knights' wanted the eight-hour day, wherever possible; an end to the contract labor system, convict labor and child labor; the passage of health and safety legislation; and equal pay for equal work done. (2)

Terrance Powderly became the Knights' leader in 1879. The Knights of Labor organized local labor assemblies that took in semiskilled and unskilled workers. The Knights' were an all-inclusive union inviting women, immigrants and African Americans. (2)

In the 1880's the Knights' slogan- AN INJURY TO ONE IS THE CONCERN OF ALL- caused thousands of more workers to join their ranks. By 1881, the Knights of Labor  went public but only after their success with the Union Pacific railroad strike. 



Uriah Stephens was a Philadelphia garment cutter

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